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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Shavuot Schedule @ Beth Aharon @ the Bayit Mo'adim LəSimha!

Shavuot Schedule @ Beth Aharon @ the Bayit

Tuesday Night, May 30 - Erev/Lel Shavuot

Candle Lighting: 8:01pm
8:05pm - Tefilat Hag: Minha & Arvit
9:15pm: Teen Sushi Dinner followed with Teen Learnings, Activities, and more Eats - 6th grade and up.
10:15: Pre-Teens Learnings with Pizza and Ice Cream.
10:45pm-12:15am - Tikkun Lel Shavuot @ 2FLBM
12:15am-5:00am - All night learning @ the Bayit.
12:15am-1:15am - Rabbi Billet “Conversion, Ruth, and the Rabbanut in Israel:
Tanach and Practical Jewish Law” (Main)
5:00am: Shaharit (Main)

Wednesday, May 31 - Shavuot Day 1
8:30am - Shaharit
After Musaf - Megillat Ruth
12:00pm - Beth Aharon Luncheon – RSVP only
6:45pm-7:35pm - Shiur with Rebbetzin Billet: “Prof. Nechama Leibowitz -
The Person, the Teacher, and the Torah: Reflections of a Student.” (Main)
7:35pm - Minha followed by Shiur and Arvit
9:02pm - Candle Lighting After This Time

Thursday, June 1 - Shavuot Day 2
8:30am - Shaharit
9:30am - Teen Tefillah followed by teens-only BBQ (Main)
10:30am (approx.) - Azkara
11:15am, after Musaf - Megillat Ruth
4:30pm-6:00pm - Youth Torah & story time including Cheesecake Decorating,
Snacks and Free Play (Main)
7:00pm-8:00pm - “Armchair Conversation with Rav Steven and Rabbi Billet” (Main)
8:00 PM - Minha followed by shiur and 9:00pm - Arvit
9:04pm - Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala

Mo'adim LəSimha!

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