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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Friday, February 16, 2024

ShabBAN Teruma shel Shalom!

Attached is The BAN

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Shabbat Parashat Teruma

abat Paraṡat Teruma

17 February 2024 * 8 Ḣodeṡ Adar Alef 5784 

ח’ אדר-אלף התשפ”ד

Hadlaqat Nerot abat - 5:13pm

ir Haṡirim - 5:13pm

Minḣa/Qabalat abat/Ȯrvit - 5:23pm - Main

aḣarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am

Latest emaȯ - 9:28am 

Dvar Torah - 10:45am
Qidu - 11:45pm

Table Conversations - 12:00pm
Minḣa Gedola - 12:37pm

Minḣa - 5:00pm

Seȯuda Ṡeliit & Ṡiȯur - 5:30pm

Ṡeqiȯa - 5:32pm
Ȯarvit - 6:07pm

Tset Hakok̇avim / Havdala - 6:17pm

Ṡabat Ṡel Ṡalom!

Friday, February 9, 2024

ShabBAN Rosh Hodesh Mishpatim shel Shalom!


Attached is The BAN
available in your email and online here:

Shabbat Rosh Hodesh Parashat Mishpatim

This Shabbat we read parashat Mishpatim which details mitsvot between a person to a fellow person; we welcome Rosh odesh Adar Alef with special Maftir and Haftara and Tefilat Musaf; we join Marsha Kristol in thanking Hashem; we keep on Praying for the Safety of all IDF soldiers and the unity of Ȯam Yisrael; and enjoy a delicious Sova Kiddush. 

Hosesh Adar Tov!

abat Roṡ Ḣodeṡ Paraṡat Mipatim

10 February 2024 * 1 Ḣodeṡ Adar Alef 5784 

א’ אדר-אלף התשפ”ד

Hadlaqat Nerot abat - 5:05pm

ir Haṡirim - 5:15pm

Minḣa/Qabalat abat/Ȯrvit - 5:15pm - Main

Shabbat Morning Tefilot and Kiddush will take place @ the 2nd Floor Bet Midrash 

aḣarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am

Latest emaȯ - 9:33am 

Dvar Torah - 10:45am
Dvar Torah: On the Parasha and/or Haftara. Qidu - 11:45pm Qidush - Kiddush this shabbat is sponsored by Marsha Kristol, thanking Hashem for His love and kindness.

Table Conversations - 12:00pm
Minḣa Gedola - 12:36pm

Minḣa - 4:50pm

Seȯuda Ṡeliit & Ṡiȯur - 5:20pm

Mila baParasha after Minḣa at the LLBM. This week: ‘Erev-ערב” - What does the word mean; and what’s the connection between night, guarantor as with kol Yisrael ‘arevim ze laza, and Arabs. Basic (and love of :) Hebrew is sufficient.

Ṡeqiȯa - 5:24pm
Ȯarvit - 5:59pm

Tset Hakok̇avim / Havdala - 6:09pm

*Ṡabat Ṡel Ṡalom & Ḣodeṡ Adar Alef Tov!*

Friday, February 2, 2024

ShabBAN Mevarkhim Yitro leShalom

 Attached is The BAN
available in your email and online here:

Shabbat Mevarkhim Yitro

This Shabbat @ Beth Aharon @ The Bayit  

Shabbat Mevarkhim - Parashat Yitro

We will bless Hodesh Adar I; listen with awe to the reading of the Ten Commandments; pray for the release of the kidnapped and for the return of all displaced Israelies to their northern and southern homes; Listen to Siyum of Masekhet Qiddushin; and have delicious Sova kiddush.  

abat Mevark̇im Paraṡat Yitro

3 February 2024 * 24 Ḣodeṡevat 5784 

כ”ד שבט התשפ”ד

Hadlaqat Nerot abat - 4:56pm

ir Haṡirim - 4:56pm

Minḣa/Qabalat abat/Ȯrvit - 5:06pm

aḣarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am

Latest emaȯ - 9:37am 

Short Dvar Torah - 10:45am
Dvar Siyum Masekhet - 11:30am

Qidu - 11:45pm

Kiddush this shabbat is sponsored by Aharon-Charlie Hall and Paula Sinclair in honor of their 19th wedding anniversary. Before Kiddush, Dr. Hall will be making a passionate Siyum on Masekhet Qiddushin :)

Table Conversations - 12:00pm
Minḣa Gedola - 12:35pm

Minḣa - 4:45pm

Seȯuda Ṡeliit & Ṡiȯur - 5:15pm

Ṡeqiȯa - 5:15pm
Ȯarvit - 5:50pm

Tset Hakok̇avim / Havdala - 6:00pm

Ṡabat Ṡhira Ṡel Ṡalom!