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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Friday, February 3, 2023

Shabban Beshalah Shira shel Shalom

The BAN is available in your email and online, here:

Click to Read Online: Parashat Beshalah

All Tefilot @ the Lower BM

Šabat Šira * Parašat Bešalaḥ

4 February 2023 * 13 Ḥodeš Shevat 5783 

י”ג שבט התשפ”ג

Join Beth Aharon this Shabbat Shira Parashat Beshalaḥ - as we will be celebrating the Holiday of Trees & Plants with Plant-forward Kiddush sponsored by the Abrahams Twins, Guest Speaker Talk with Niva Mermer on health & food, Tu Bishvat Celebration for kids & Tu-Bishvat Seder for all ages with Rav Dov Lerea, and Musical Havdala conclusion.

Candle Lighting Official Time - 4:57pm

Tefilat Erev Shabbat starts with Shir Hashirim at candle lighting time, listed on the left. Minḥa is 10 minutes later :)

Šir Haširim - 4:47pm

Minḥa / Qabalat Šabat / Ọrvit - 5:07pm @ LBM

Šaḥarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am

Latest Šəmaọ - 9:36am

Sarah & Avraham’s Tent at the Bayit welcomes all every Shabbat for communal dinner, dedicated in memory of Henry & Goldie Guttman z"l.

Kids Are Welcome to Beth Aharon Tefila on shabbat mornings to participate in Ashre, Shema’ Yisrael, Sim Shalom, Listen to Aliyat Cohen, Yimlokh, Ein KəEloqenu and more... 

Shabbat Bayit Groups meet at their places from 9:30am to 11:30am. Pickup in the Main Lobby at 11:30am.

Tefilat Shabbat Shira at 9:45am - Special Songs & Singing of Shira and Hodaya.

Dvar Torah at 10:45am with Rav Dov Lerea on Parashat Beshalaḥ

A Freedom Story at 11:00am. Come to the Main Sanctuary to hear from Mina Hayati, an Afghan refugee who immigrated to the U.S. In collaboration with HIAS and Westchester Jewish Coalition for Immigration

Kiddush at 11:45am. Beth Aharon Plant-Forward Kiddush sponsored by the Abraham Twins, Yonah and Zecharya, in celebration of their birthday; The Bayit Green Kiddush, celebrating Tu B'Shvat with delicious, healthy, environmentally- friendly fare.

Guest Speaker Niva Marmer at 12:30am. Talk with Guest Speaker Niva Marmer: "Plant-Forward Diet and the Benefits to Our Health" followed by Questions & Answers. “Niva Marmer is a Riverdale resident who is all about living a healthy lifestyle. Niva has a B. Med. Lab. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Sciences) from Ben Gurion University, Israel; Studied alternative medicine and teachings of the Rambam's Body and Soul Philosophy; And trained in Mindful Eating and Nutrition. Niva is a Nutrition Coach and a certified Yoga Instructor also for expecting mothers and for children.”

Tu-Bishvat Celebration at 4:00pm. Joint Beth Aharon & the Bayit Youth Department production. Fun Nature Themed Games and activities for Children within the spirit of Shabbat.

Tu BiShvat Seder at 5:00pm. Seder for Tu-Bishvat & Seuda Shelishit with Rav Dov Lerea; with fruits of the land, blessings, holiday readings, songs, and great good light eats.

Ṣet Hakokhavim - 6:02pm

Musical Havdala at 6:15pm. Join Rav Steven for shabbat conclusion with musical Havdala for kids and adults.

Parent/Child Learning at 6:50pm with pizza and prizes.

Contributions - Supporting these shabbat programs are much needed & welcomed! Online Link: Support Beth Aharon

But more than all, w
e look forward to seeing you all :)

Šabat Šel Šalom!

Sunday Shahrait @ 8:30am - will take place b”H with or without coffee & donuts, but hopefully with.

Friday, January 27, 2023

ShabBAN Bo LeShalom

The BAN is available in your email and online, here:

Click to Read Online: Parashat Bo

Šabat Parašat Bo

28 January 2023 * 6 Ḥodeš Shevat 5783 

ו' שבט התשפ”ג

Candle Lighting Official Time - 4:49pm

* Erev Shabbat Tefilot @ the Lower BM *
Šir Haširim - 4:49pm

Minḥa / Qabalat Šabat / Ọrvit - 4:59pm @ LBM

* Morning Tefilot & Kiddush @ the 2nd Fl BM *
Šaḥarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am @ 2BM

Latest Šəmaọ - 9:39am

Dəvar Torah - 10:45am

Dvar Torah: by Rav Dov Lerea on Parashat Bo

Qiduš - 11:45pm

Kiddush this Shabbat is co-sponsored in honor of all holocaust survivors in Israel, the USA, and world-wide. Co-sponsorship and donations are welcome: Donate Online 

Post-Kiddush Round-Table: Holocaust Survivors Today. In commemoration of January 27th International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we will have, upon your interest, an open talk about the survivors: Who is a survivor, how many are still with us, how old are they, where do they live, and what can we do?

* Shabbat Afternoon Tefilot @ the Lower BM *

Zohar - 4:40pm / Minḥa - 4:35pm @ LBM

Səọuda Šəlišit/Šiọur - 5:05pm
After Minḥa: Jewish World. Jeffery-Efrayim Klapper on Jews of the American South, Part 2.

Šəqiọa - 5:08pm * Ọarvit - 5:48pm

Ṣet Hakokhavim / Havdala - 5:53pm

Parent/Child Learning with Pizza @ Motsash @ 6:40pm.

Šabat Šel Šalom!

Sunday Shahrait @ 8:30am - will take place b”H with or without coffee & donuts, but hopefully with.

Friday, January 20, 2023

ShabBAN VaEra Shalom

 The BAN is available in your email and online, here:

Click to Read Online: Parashat VaEra

Šabat Mevarim Parašat VaEra

21 January 2023 * 28 Ḥodeš Tevet 5783

כ"ח טבת התשפ”ג

Candle Lighting Official Time - 4:40pm

Šir Haširim - 4:40pm

Minḥa / Qabalat Šabat / Ọrvit - 4:50pm

Šaḥarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am

Latest Šəmaọ - 9:41am

Dəvar Torah - 10:45am

 Dvar Torah: by Reb Yossi Arush on the Parashat VaEra

Qiduš - 11:45pm

Post-Kiddush Shiur with Ari Rudolph, Bayit member: "Challenges of Ethiopian Aliyah and Integration in Israel"

Zohar - 4:25pm / Minḥa - 4:30pm 

Səọuda Šəlišit/Šiọur - 5:00pm
After Minḥa Mila baParasha: This Week “Yitro - יִתְרוֹ” What does the name mean;

How many names di Yitro have; Are you sure that it is 7:)?

Basic (and love of :) Hebrew is sufficient.

Šəqiọa - 4:59pm 

Ọarvit - 5:49pm

Ṣet Hakokhavim / Havdala - 5:44pm

Parent/Child Learning with Pizza @ Motsash @ 6:30pm @ the 2BM

 Sunday Shahrait @ 8:30am

will take place b”H with or without coffee & donuts, but hopefully with

Šabat Šel Šalom!