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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gemach Shabbat - May 20, 2017 - Behar/Behukotai

“Gemach Shabbos” - May 20, 2017 - Behar/Bechukosai

The Gemach of Riverdale​ provides interest-free​ loans​ to Riverdale families

and individuals in our community who find themselves with unexpected

shortfalls or short-term capital needs. The Gemach is flexible​ - providing

interest-free loans from $500-$100,000,​ and with repayments up to 5 years.

Founded in 2013, Gemach has funded over 30 loans​ totaling over $325,000​ for

uses such as Credit Card Consolidation, Unexpected Tax Bills, Student Loan

Payments, Starting a New Business, Medical Procedures, Home Repairs,

Planning a Simha, New Home Expenses, Tuition Payments.

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1. If you or someone you know can use an interest free loan, please contact

Gemach of Riverdale.

2. Every loan requires two guarantors who stand ready to repay if the

borrower doesn't. We wish to acknowledge and thank all those people in

the community who have served as guarantors for their fellow Jew.

3. Know that all inquiries and discussions with the Gemach are handled with

absolute​ confidentiality​.

4. To learn more about the Gemach or how you can help in this effort, please

contact Rabbi Moish Drelich.

The Gemach is an incredible community wide resource, established to help

strengthen our Riverdale Jewish community. The Gemach has granted loans to

members of every shul in our community.


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