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Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Shabbat @ Beth Aharon - Rav Itshak Attali: "Smile & Sh'lom Bayit"

This Shabbat @ Beth Aharon @ the LBM @ the Bayit

We will welcome this Shabbat, July 23 - Parashat Balak, 

Rav Itshak Attali of Yerushalyim עיר קודשנו


Rav Attali made aliya to Israel from France in 1978, was active at Bnei Akiva and 
served in the IDF Nahal Brigade as a lone soldier.

Rav Attali is currently 
the rav of Ateret Malkhut synagogue in Ramot; 
an educator for 30 years; 
a founder of the Ateret Shlomo school for kids with special needs; 
and a speaker of arakhim-values around the world.
Rav Attali will speak: 
Before Minha at 6:45pm - a lecture on "Smile & Sh'lom Bayit" 
After Minha: Mila baParasha: a word in Parashat Hashavua - "The Aton - why would a donkey talk?" 

All talks are in Hebrew!

Beth Aharon Tefilot and Shiurim will be @ the Lower Beth Midrash. 

We would like to thank the Sebbah family for hosting Rav Itshak Attali.

All are welcome to join!

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