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Friday, July 29, 2016

ShabBAN shel Shalom with Pinhas

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PDF: file:///C:/Users/Tsuri/Downloads/BAN-Pinhas5776%20(5).pdf

On Line: Pinhas

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Shabbat Məvarkhim

Parashat Pinas
Date: 30 July 2016 * 24 Tamuz 5776
Earliest Candle Lighting - 6:44pm
Minḥa/Kabalat-Shabat/Arvit - 7:00pm
Candle Lighting - 7:56pm
Shaḥrit - 8:30am * Latest Shəma - 9:26am
Parasha Limud - 6:45pm * Zohar - 7:30pm
Minḥa - 7:35pm * Shki‘a - 8:13pm
Sə‘uda Shlishit/Shiur: 8:05pm
Arvit - 8:50pm

Tset Hakokhavim/Havdala: 8:59pm


Kiddush this shabbat is sponsored by the Sloan family Lirfuaa Shelema for Ed Sloan and with thanks to Hashem on his great hesed: and by Rebecca & Kfir Chen in memory of Kfir’s father Eliyahu ben Hasiba z”l.

After Minha Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week: "קִנְאָתִ֖י - Kin’ati" - What does the word mean; what feeling does it describe; and why do we feel it?” Basic (and love of) Hebrew is sufficient. At the LBM.

Shabbat shel Shalom!

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