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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Thursday, May 25, 2023

ShabBAN Shavuot veShabbat haShalom

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Parashat Shavuot Shabbat shalom 

Šiši-Šabat Šavuȯot & Parašat HaMoȯed 

26-27 May 2023 * 6-7 Ḣodeš Nisan 5783 

1-2 AḣarHaOmer * ו’-ז’ סיון התשפ”ג 

Thursday Evening, May 25 - Erev/Lel Shavuot, Sivan 6 

 * The early Shavuot evening Zemanim are based on Ben Ish Hai as brought to us by Rav Hayim Jachter of Shaarei Orah, Teaneck *

6:43pm - Earliest Candles Time

6:50pm - Mina followed by Arvit

Kiddush - Before Sheqia * 8:15pm - Sheqia 

7:57pm - Official Candle Lighting Time

8:07pm - HIR Mina

9:00pm - HIR Maariv

9:30pm - Tweens & Teens Dinner followed with Teen Learnings, Activities, and more Eats...

11:00pm-12:30am - Tiqun Lel Shavuot @ Beth Aharon

10:45am-5:00am - All night learning @ the Bayit, with Shavuot Scholars-in-Residence, Ms. Shuli Taubes of the SAR & Dr. Ari Gordon of the AJC

​​​​​​11:30 PM - The Chosen One: Jewish Approaches to the Doctrine of Election with Shuli Taubes

5:00am - Shaḣarit (HIR)


Friday Morning, May 26 - Shavuot Day 1, Sivan 6

8:45am - Shaḣarit

9:45am - Before Torah Reading - The Ketuba

11:45pm - After Musaf - Reading Megillat Ruth

12:30pm - Beth Aharon Luncheon – RSVP


Erev Shabbat, May 26 - Shavuot Day 2 starts, Sivan 7

6:44pm - Earliest Candle Lighting (from existing flame)

6:50pm - Shir Hashirim * 7:05pm - Mina followed by Arvit 

7:58pm - Official Candle lighting (from existing flame)

8:00pm: HIR Mina / Abbr. Kabbalat Shabbat / Arvit


Shabbat Day, May 27 - Shavuot Day 2 

8:45am - Shaḣarit 

9:30am-12:00pm - Extended youth groups with free play and cheesecake baking (HIR)

10:30am (approx.) - Azkara * 11:00am - Short Dvar Torah - Rav Yonah on the Moed

11:45pm - After Musaf - Reading Megilat Ruth 

12:00pm - Shabbat Shavuot Kiddush: Sponsorship needed and co-sponsors are welcome. Followed by@ 12:30pm Shiur by Michael Wachsman on the Status of Hol HaMoed: "So What's the Story with Chol HaMoed, Anyway?" What is the conceptual and halachic status of Hol haMoed. Very specifically, whether we are allowed to "work" on Hol haMoed. And if we are, what kind of work we can or can't do. I'd like to also, if I can find a very modern poskim, discuss whether we should be making every effort to take vacation days so as not to work on Hol haMoed.

4:30pm-6:00pm: Annual Cheesecake Decorating with Torah learning, snacks and free play (HIR)

6:45pm - Armchair Conversation: Shuli Taubes, Ari Gordon, and Rav Steven (HIR)

7:40pm - Zohar 

7:45pm - Minha followed by Shiur & Light Seuda Sheleshit * 8:17pm - Sheqia

8:20pm - Mila baParasha - after minḥa: Understanding a word in our Megila. This week “‘Orpa - עָרְפָּה” - who was she; what does her name mean; and is there some of ‘Orpa within us? Basic (and love of :) Hebrew is sufficient.

 8:52pm - Arvit * 9:02pm - Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala

Moadim LəSimḣa & Shabbat shel Shalom!

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