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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Friday, June 3, 2022

BAN Shavuot Bemidbar HaShalom

 The BAN is available in your email and here online

Online: Bemidbar

This Shabbat we celebrate Bəmidbar Sinai with the Friedmans and the Kanners; Matan Torah and Shavuot.

Shabbat Parashat Bemidbar

4 June 2022 * 4 Ḥodesh Sivan 5782

ד' סיון התשפ”ב * Omer 49

Earliest Candle Lighting - 6:49pm

Candle Lighting Official Time - 8:04pm 

Shir Hashirim - 6:45pm
Minḥa/QabalatShabbat/Arvit - 6:55pm 

Cholent Kiddush - 7:45pm

Shaḥarit (Qorbanot) - 8:45am

Latest Shəma‘ - 9:09am

Dvar Torah - 10:55am - Rav Yonah Berman on parashat Bemidbar: From Amon to Uman: The Torah and Truth of Ruth.

Kiddush @ 11:45am - This shabbat kiddush is co- sponsored by the Friedmans and the Kanners in celebration of Barry’s birthday and Judy’s birthday.

Limud Torah before Minḥa - 7:00pm

Zohar - 7:40pm * Minḥa - 7:45pm

After Minḥa @ 8:15 pm: Hilkhot Shavout with David.

Shəki’a - 8:23pm * Arvit - 8:45pm

Ḥag Candle Lighting / Tset Hakokhavim - 9:08pm

Shavuot Schedule In The BAN!

Shabbat u’Moadim l’Simḥa v’Shalom!

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