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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Kaparot 5780 - How to Do?

Kaparot Money - Give as Charity to Those in Need 
Donate On-Line - Indicate: "For Kaparot"

Since late Talmudic times, it has been a widespread Jewish custom to perform kaparot
in preparation for Yom Kippur. 
Kaparot literally means “atonements,” just as Yom Kippur means “the Day of Atonement.”  
At dawn or early in the morning before Yom Kippur, the custom has been to take a live chicken,
fish or money which will then be waived over the heads of the family members while reciting
a prayer three times, and then be given to charity.

Throughout the centuries many of our sages of all countries objected to the use of animals
for the kaparot custom. 
Indeed in the past decades the practice has been to give money for charity.
Do you really want to wave a dead fish over your beloved heads?! :)

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Rabenu Hananel (10th century) writes that the order of atonement and the words spoken during
the kaparot ceremony are similar to the order that was customary at the time of the redemption
of the firstborn son - Pidyon haBen:
ונוטל הכהן הכספים ומעבירם על ראש הבן ואומר: זה תחת זה, זה חילוף זה, זה מחולל על זה,
יצא זה לכהן ונכנס הבן הזה לחיים, לתורה וליראת שמים
"And the priest takes the money and passes it on to the son's head and says:
This under this, this in exchange for this,  this does for this, this goes out for the Kohen
and this son entered life, Torah and the fear of heaven."

HaRishon L'Tsiyon haRav Hayim David Halevi (20th century) writes: 
ולמה צריכים אנו דווקא בערב היום הקדוש, להתאכזר על בעלי חיים, ללא כל צורך, ולטבוח בהם ללא רחמים,
בשעה שאנו עומדים לבקש חיים על עצמנו מאת אלוקים חיים
"And why should we, on the eve of the holy day, be cruel to animals without need,
and slaughter them mercilessly, while we are about to seek life for ourselves from the living Gd"

Attached is a guide for doing kaparot with money, or check your siddur as well.

To donate kaparot money to those in need: Donate On-Line - Indicate: "For Kaparot"  

Tizku L'Mitsvot * Shana Tova & Hatima Tova!

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