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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Friday, September 13, 2019

ShabBAN Ki-Tstse l'Shalom

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On Line: Ki-Tetse 
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Shabbat Parashat Ki-Tetse

14 September 2019 * 14 Elul 5779
Candle Lighting - 6:51pm
Minḥa/Kabbalat-Shabbat/Arvit - 7:00pm
Shaḥarit - 8:30am * Latest Shəma - 9:40am
Zohar - 6:25pm * Minḥa - 6:30pm
Sə’uda Shəlishit / Shiur - 7:00pm 
Shəki’a - 7:19pm * Arvit - 7:47pm
Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala - 7:52pm


Dvar Torah: 10:45am with Sara-Dvora Kraus-LaMot.

Kiddush: 11:25am - Kiddush this shabbat is co-sponsored by Yael & Ari Oshinsky in celebration of Noa and Adam birthday; by Yesha’ya-Robert Kalfus with love to Beth Aharon; by Talia Re in memory of her brother Ryan Andrew Re ben Carlo and Kathlyn Joudy Re, z”l; by mann dəhu; and by mann dəha.

After Kiddush: Free talk about the upcoming elections in Israel. Know the results before the elections! 

Listening Room: 5:05pm with Myra Estelle at the LBM.

Parasha Limud: 5:35pm on the Book of Jonah with Maharat student Livya Tinestit at the 2FL.

After Minḥa Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week “Qan-Tsipor - קַן-צִפּוֹר” - What does the word mean; what’s the reason for this mitsva; how can we tell if it’s a female or male; and how many mitsvot are fulfilable today? Basic (and love of :) Hebrew is sufficient. At the 2BM, along with Səuda Shəlishit, and Zəmirot Shabbat.

After Minḥa Daf baTalmud: Daf Yomi on 3FL. Kretut.

After Minḥa Shiur baHayim: The Bayit teens as they share their summer experiences.

Shabbat shel Shalom!

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