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Friday, August 30, 2019

ShabBAN Re'eh Elul shel Shalom

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On Line: Re'eh Rosh Hodesh  
in your Email

Shabbat Rosh Ḥodesh Elul
Parashat Re’eh
31 August 2019 * 30 Av 5779
Earliest Candle Lighting: 6:09pm
Minḥa/Kabbalat-Shabbat/Arvit - 7:00pm
Candle Lighting - 7:14pm
Shaḥarit - 8:30am * Latest Shəma - 9:38am
Zohar -6:50pm * Minḥa - 6:55pm
Se’uda Shelishit / Shiur - 7:25pm 
Shəki’a - 7:30pm * Arvit - 8:10pm

Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala - 8:15pm

Join Beth Aharon this Shabbat as we celebrate the arrival of
Rosh Ḥodesh Elul with
Sephardic Ḥazzan-In-Residence David Rubinstein.
We will enjoy Ḥazzan David’s special melodies across Kabbalat Shabbat, Shaḥarit/Hallel/Musaf, and Zemirot Shabbat during Se’uda Shəlishit.
Beth Aharon is honored to have joining us for Shabbat the renowned Ḥazzan David Rubinstein who loves the beautiful prayers of all Jewish customs even though he specializes in the Ḥazzanut of the Levant including Syria. Over Shabbatot and Ḥagim, David has served as the guest Ḥazzan in Sephardic communities in Manhattan, Long Beach, and New Rochelle, New York as well as in Cincinnati, Ohio and Boston. He studied Ḥazzanut at Yeshiva University’s Belz School of Jewish Music. Originally from Boston, David and his wife Miriam live in the non-Riverdale part of the Bronx.

Təfilat ‘Erev Shabbat: 7:00pm

Shaḥarit: 8:30am

Parasha: 9:45am 

Yimlokh: 10:40am - All kids are welcome to join!

Dvar Torah: 10:45am - Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Kobrin. Rabbi Korbin is the Rosh HaYeshiva / Head of School of the North Shore Hebrew Academy in Great Neck, NY.  He has a BA from Columbia College, an MA from Columbia University, semikha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and RIETS, and a PhD from Teachers College at Columbia University.  He has lived in Riverdale for twenty years with his wife Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin and their four daughters.

Kiddush: 11:25am - Kiddush this shabbat is sponsored by the Small family in memory Frederique-Rivka's father David ben Meir Tahar z”l; by the Sandra and Sam Sigal in honor of their kids; by the Aharon family in celebration of Hodesh Elul; and by Almoni in honor of Hashem.

After Kiddush: Free talk about life and seeing.

Listening Room: 5:30pm with Myra Estelle at the LBM.

Parasha Limud: 5:30pm with Livya Tinestit-Weiss at the ML.

Se’uda Shelishit: 7:00pm. Join us for shabbat’s 3rd Meal, words of Torah, and Zemirot Shabbat with Ḥazzan David Rubinstein.

After Minḥa Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week “Re’eh - רְאֵ֗ה” - What does the word mean; to look, see, pay attention, think, or else; and who is commanded to “see?” Basic (and love of :) Hebrew is sufficient. At the 2BM. 

After Minḥa Daf baTalmud: Daf Yomi on 3FL. Temura. 

After Minḥa Shiur baHayim: Shiur in the main sanctuary.

Shabbat shel Shalom!

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