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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Friday, July 5, 2019

ShabBAN shel Shalom to Qorah

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Shabbat Parashat Qoraḥ - קֹרַח 

6 July 2019 * 3 Tamuz 5779
Candle Lighting - 8:13pm
Earliest Candle Lighting: 6:57pm
Minḥa/Kabbalat-Shabbat/Arvit - 7:10pm
Shaḥarit - 8:30am
First Kadish - 8:55am
Latest Shəma - 9:15am
Dvar Torah - 10:45am
Kiddush - 11:25am
Parasha Limud - 7:00pm
Zohar - 7:50pm * Minḥa - 7:55pm
Se’uda Shelishit / Shiur - 8:25pm 
Shəki’a - 8:30pm * Arvit - 9:10pm

Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala - 9:15pm


Dvar Torah: 10:45am - Ye’amer.

Kiddush: Potluck kiddush this shabbat. All processed foods must be store-sealed marked kosher. “WE get what YOU get!”

Listening Room: 6:30pm with Myra Estelle at the LBM.

Shabbat Limud: 7:05pm - Qora. At the 2BM.

After Minḥa Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week “Qoraḥ - קֹרַח” - What does the word mean; did he died; what can we learn from the parasha. Basic (and love of) Hebrew is sufficient. At the 2BM. 

After Minḥa Daf baTalmud: Daf Yomi on 3FL. ‘Arakhin. 

After Minḥa Shiur baHayim: Shiur in the main sanctuary


Welcoming Beth Aharon 2019 Board
We are happy to welcome the new Board of Beth Aharon. 
Board members are all looking to hear your questions, suggestions, and advice:
Shashana Samuels - 917-574-8944
Talia Michaeli - 646-408-7230 
Ami Aharon - 917-532-8653
Akiva Small - 347-491-8376
Myriam Elefant - 908-370-2454
Roberta Krauss - 917-783-3696

Shabbat shel Shalom!

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