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Friday, October 5, 2018

ShabBAN Mevarkhim Bereshit shel Shalom

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Shabbat Məvarkhim * Parashat Bəreshit

October 6, 2018 * 27 Tishre 5779
Candle Lighting - 6:13pm
Minḥa/Kabbalat- Shabbat/Arvit - 6:20pm
Shaḥarit - 8:30am * Latest Shəma - 9:50am
Kiddush - 11:25am
Parasha Limud - 5:00pm
Zohar - 5:45pm * Minḥa - 5:50pm
Shiur & Səuda Shəlishit - 7:20pm
Shəki’a - 6:30pm * Arvit - 7:10pm

Tset Hakokhavim /Havdala - 7:15pm


Shabbat Məvarkhim Rosh Hodesh Heshvan is this coming Tuesday & Wednesday - October 9th & 10th. Hodesh Tov!

Dvar Torah: 10:45am - Rav Dov Lerea

Kiddush: 11:25am - Bəreshit kiddush is sponsored by our Simat Torah atanim: Jeffrey-Nissim & Gloria Mosseri, Doron & Melanie Fagelson, Ariel & Yael Douek.

Before Minḥa @ 5:00pm - Parsha Limud: Bəreshit @ 2BM.

After Minḥa Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week “Et haShamayim v’Et HaArets - אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ”: is one a male and the other a female; and who was created first? Basic (and love of) Hebrew is sufficient. At 2BM.

After Minḥa Daf baTalmud: Daf Yomi with Eli Oberstein on 3FL. Menahot.

After Minḥa Shiur baHayim: Shiur @ the Main Sanctuary with Daniel Langer “The first days of Creation, a Scientific and Rabbinic Perspective”.

Beth Aharon 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner: Sunday November 4th, @ 5:30pm @ the Bayit - Details inside the BAN and in your email.

Shabbat shel Shalom & Stav Tov!

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