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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Next Friday Night, Jan. 27th, Dinner with BA @ the Bayit Tent.

January 27 - Next Erev Shabbat @ 6:00pm!

Join Beth Aharon Annual Erev-Shabbat Dinner @ the Tent after Tefila
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* Keeping our tradition we will join the Bayit Tent for Erev-Shabbat Meal.
We will celebrate with the Friedmans their marriage anniversary!
We will remember Goldie Guttman z"l.
We thank all sponsors!
Further sponsorships are welcome and needed!
So if you have a special occasion, please let us know.

Great opportunity to meet the BA Community @ the Bayit.
** Must RSVP. Check your email for Evite.
$12 adult. $6 child (age 4-11).


The Dinner is followed by the famous Bayit Cholent Cook Off.

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There are 12 cooks, 2 of which are from Beth Aharon!
The names are kept in secret till after the competition.
We need one more rep from Beth Aharon!
There are 4 judges, one off which is from Beth Aharon - the one and only, Amnon Michaeli.

So, next erev shabbat we are all coming!
Looking forward to seeing you all!
Remember to RSVP at the Evite.

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