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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Torah Words by Talia - Parsahat Vayishlah

Now that Chanukah is approaching –
צריך שכל איש ידע ויבין, שבתוך תוכו דולק נר, ואין נרו שלו- כנר חברו,  וצריך שכל איש ידע ויבין, שעליו לעמול ולגלות את אור הנר ברבים, ולהדליקו לאבוקה גדולה ולהאיר את העולם כולו
Every person is required to know, that there is a special flame inside him, and that his flame is unique, and there is no one who doesn’t possess a flame, and it is necessary that every person understand and knows that he has to work hard and reveal the light of the candle in public, and ignite it to a big torch, and to enlighten the entire world. ( Rav Kook)
This Shabbat, it’s the Anniversary of Sean’s BM. Three years ago Sean was diagnosed with Cancer, right before his BM. The news shook our family’s world. We were at the darkest place and hoping for the light to shine, But we stood by Sean as he underwent treatment.
With Thanks To Hashem and the help of the Doctors, Community and Chai lifeline the light of Hope and strength brought us the amazing news that, SEAN IS CANCER FREE!
Few month later Israel Rouemy diagnosed with brain cancer, Thank G-D he is cancer free!
The Special flam inside us giving us the power of strength to give back to a great Cause Chai lifeline.
In Honor of Sean, We have a Team that holds this year 3 Members-
My self – Talia Michaeli
Sean Michaeli
Israel Rouemy
 And, On January 29, 2017 Team Sean will run/walk the Miami half marathon to raise funds to support very sick children and their families.
Chanukah the festival of light – The opportunity to help others, Please help us to spread the light of Chanukah by your donation.
Remember- Together we are stronger and we all can make a difference.
Wishing for the festival of lights to shine down upon us and our loved ones, and May we all receive the light of health and happiness.


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