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Tizku l’Shanim Rabot v’Tovot!

Friday, June 10, 2016

ShabBAN shel Shavuot shel Shalom!

Links to your BAN are below, on our FB page, and in your EMAIL

PDF: file:///C:/Users/Tsuri/Documents/BAN%20-%20B'midbar%205776.pdf

On Line: Bəmidbar - Shavuot

In your Email


Shabbat Parashat B’midbar
49 BaOmer

Date: 5 Sivan 5776 * 11 June 2016
Earliest Candle Lighting - 6:53pm
Minḥa/Kabalat-Shabat/Arvit - 7:10pm
Candle Lighting - 8:09pm
Shaḥrit - 8:30am * Latest Shəma - 9:09am
Parasha Limud - 6:45pm * Zohar - 7:45pm
Minḥa - 7:50pm * Shki‘a - 8:28pm
Sə‘uda Shlishit/Shiur: 8:20pm

See the BAN for Shavuot & Weekly Schedule

Kiddush this shabbat is sponsored by the Rouemy family in honor of Israel Rouemy's recovery. Come share our abundant thanks and gratitude to Hashem. May His blessings continue and extend to all those who are recovering.

Azkara of Charlotte Cohen’s father, Zalman Ben Baruch Eli z”l. Sivan 7.


After Minha Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week: "Sheva’  - שֶׁבַע" - What’s in a name that which we call the number seven by any other name would be as strong??? Basic (and love of) Hebrew is sufficient. 2nd Floor BM.

See Shavuot Schedule inside the BAN

Shabbat shel Shalom & Hag Sameyah!

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