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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Barukh Dayan HaEmet - Ezra Yehiel z"l

Barukh Dayan HaEmet

Along with all of Am Yisrael we mourn the heartbreaking loss of 
Azra Yehiel - עזרא יחיאל - z"l 
son of Ruth and Ari Schwartz, who was murdered in a terrorist attack in Israel Thursday along with Rav Ya'akov Don of Alon Sh'vut and Shadi Orfa of Hevron.

Many knew Ezra and many of us who did not know him feel the pain of this tragedy deeply.
The funeral will take place Sunday at noon, Eastern Standard Time, 
at Temple Sinai, 25 Canton St., Sharon, Mass.
The live stream link for the funeral is: 

From SAR High School
Many have asked how they can show support to the Schwartz family at this time. For those who would like to show support by giving tzedakah, the family has identified the following four institutions that Ezra was fortunate to attend and that helped to form him into the beautiful young man that he was.

They are:
The Striar Hebrew Academy of Sharon, MA
The Maimonides School in Brookline, MA
Yeshivat Ashreinu in Bet Shemesh, Israel
Camp Yavneh in Northwood, NH.

For those who wish to send letters of condolence to the family, correspondence may be sent to

May the Family be comforted from the Heaven

Min Hashamayim Tenuhamu 

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